American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


Welcome to the Oklahoma State ASABE Student Branch!

ASABE student branch is an organization that focuses on creating and encouraging professional engineers in the realm of agricultural and biological engineering.  It provides many opportunities throughout the year for members to grow as successful students and professionals through community service, outreach events, industry tours, as well as contacts with potential employers. 

Planting Knowledge    

Cultivating Success  

Harvesting Professionals


Recent News  

Stay up to date with the Biosystems and Ag Engineering Twitter page for all department updates:

Thank you to all who came to the BAE Scholarship Banquet and congratulations to all that got awards!

Thank you for supporting ASABE and Cowboy Motorsports at the homecoming walkaround and the BAE Alumni Tailgate!

Welcome back!  We are excited to kick off the fall semester with a few improvements.  We have welcomed our freshmen into the department with a fun social event:  BAE Back to School Picnic.


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